Ripe Opportunity: Connect Project, Disciplines and Purpose

This week, iDiploma visited Ponce City Market, a mixed-use development recently erected in a historic building in Atlanta. We spent time using observation tools developed by both the Stanford and design researchers to capture what we were learning. About two … Continue reading Ripe Opportunity: Connect Project, Disciplines and Purpose

Creating Innovators: Learning Pathways

After wrapping up our Design Thinking Accelerator Module, Innovation Diploma cohorts were faced with a difficult task of choosing their learning pathway for the fourth Module. Through a survey tool and conversations with their advisors, learners chose the best pathway based on skill level and interest. PRODUCT DESIGN AND INNOVATION MODULE: For the Product Design and Innovation Module, which is a module headed up by two of the four iDiploma advisors, Bo Adams and T.J. Edwards,  learners are working on enhancing ethnographic work, practicing functional decomposition for various products and playing with the design and innovation of existing products. Part … Continue reading Creating Innovators: Learning Pathways