Meg Cureton

Meghan Cureton (@meghancureton)is the Director of the Innovation Diploma, a newly launched program through Mount Vernon’s Institute for Innovation that empowers students to explore, investigate and ultimately tackle problems and opportunities that may not fit within the typical framework of school. The program encourages student learners to partner with leaders in the community to tackle real-world challenges. Built upon the foundation of the five disruptive skills of innovators from Innovator’s DNA – observe, question, associate, network, and experiment – this program allows students to become the drivers and designers of their own learning.

Meghan grew up in the northeast, graduated with a Bachelor’s from the University of Connecticut, and a Master’s in the Art of Teaching from Simmons College. Having grown tired of the north, her family of four relocated to Atlanta, where Meghan initially taught English and served as the Coordinator of Mount Vernon’s school-wide writing program.

With eleven years of professional experience in Education, Meghan is an enthusiastic learner, reader, and constant sharer of ideas who embraces any opportunity to broaden her learning network.





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