Starting the Year with Questions

This first week back to school has me energized and it also has me curious. Through my learning walks, conversations with colleagues and the readings/videos I’ve paid attention to this week on social media, I have a lot of questions that have been rattling around in my head. Questions that I do not have the answers to and questions I realize hold bias based on my current knowledge (and belief) on trends in education, but here they are: How we will continue to move the bold mission and vision of our school forward when the current system that is universally accepted (by colleges, parents, students and … Continue reading Starting the Year with Questions

Creating Innovators: Learning Pathways

After wrapping up our Design Thinking Accelerator Module, Innovation Diploma cohorts were faced with a difficult task of choosing their learning pathway for the fourth Module. Through a survey tool and conversations with their advisors, learners chose the best pathway based on skill level and interest. PRODUCT DESIGN AND INNOVATION MODULE: For the Product Design and Innovation Module, which is a module headed up by two of the four iDiploma advisors, Bo Adams and T.J. Edwards,  learners are working on enhancing ethnographic work, practicing functional decomposition for various products and playing with the design and innovation of existing products. Part … Continue reading Creating Innovators: Learning Pathways

Design Challenges Underway: Feedback and Assessment

The past two weeks Innovation Diploma has been immersed in the design challenges that spawned from the curiosity journaling they did back in early September. Currently five groups are working around these student generated HMWs: How might we amplify joy in our day? How might we make sustainability part of our DNA? How might we share the Innovation Diploma story with others? Students originally teamed with their advisory groups, but throughout the process, they have reconfigured into five groups. As they navigate this design challenge, the facilitators are providing both in the moment feedback, as well as personal, one-on-one feedback during … Continue reading Design Challenges Underway: Feedback and Assessment