Innovation Diploma Enters its Second Year

As we head into our second year in the Innovation Diploma startup, I’d like to share a few exciting developments for our program: We’ve more than doubled in size in our second year of existence – we have 25 enrolled! Innovation Diploma now includes a Maker component We have two new facilitators on the team: Trey BodenContinue reading “Innovation Diploma Enters its Second Year”

Spotlight: Two Innovators who Helped Build iDiploma

Today, at Mount Vernon’s Honors Assembly, I got to honor two of the founding members of iDiploma. Below are the words I shared at the ceremony, which don’t even begin to scratch the surface of the kind of work both our graduates and the members of the program are doing as change agents. I couldn’tContinue reading “Spotlight: Two Innovators who Helped Build iDiploma”

Assessing Inquiry, Innovation and Impact

The work we do with our Innovation Diploma students is audacious. And we know that. But we think it’s imperative that learners work on projects and ventures that can manifest far beyond the walls of school, and that the potential impact from their work doesn’t end with an 87 in the grade book. Innovation DiplomaContinue reading “Assessing Inquiry, Innovation and Impact”

Council on Innovation 2015

This Friday, Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation sponsors an annual event called Council on Innovation, where we invite a group of 20-25 industry leaders and entrepreneurs to join us for a day of learning. The structure for the day includes moments of discussion, MoVe talks, a salon lunch, and a design thinking Flashlab all centered around oneContinue reading “Council on Innovation 2015”

Reflections from iDiploma on Design for Healthy Living Module

What an incredible week! Part of the work of an Innovation Diploma member is that they take more ownership over their learning by writing weekly reflections to capture their thinking and their growth. This week, I wanted to share some excerpts that might give others a window into their journey. Essentially, I see each of theseContinue reading “Reflections from iDiploma on Design for Healthy Living Module”

Reflective Post: Innovation Means Learning at Work

This week, the Disney Cohort is reading Harold Jarche’s article called Innovation Means Learning at Work. Since we’ve asked each of the nine members of this cohort to write a blog post reflection on the reading and include some questions that would spur our conversation we will have on Tuesday, I am doing the same.Continue reading “Reflective Post: Innovation Means Learning at Work”

iDiploma: It’s about VERBS!

We launched our Innovation Diploma at Mount Vernon Presbyterian Upper School! Here’s the speech I shared, and the slides to accompany: One of the reasons we’re here today is to honor these students who have taken a risk, and chosen themselves to do something awesome. Which is definitely worth the early morning, schedule reshuffling manyContinue reading “iDiploma: It’s about VERBS!”

Backwards Design

The primary way we organize the learning that happens in Innovation Diploma is by using problems or design briefs as the framework. I am not talking about a typical “project” – I am talking about a real, client-delivered design brief that is high stakes because it’s truly a problem that needs solving. To open theContinue reading “Backwards Design”

Creating Innovators: Learning Pathways

After wrapping up our Design Thinking Accelerator Module, Innovation Diploma cohorts were faced with a difficult task of choosing their learning pathway for the fourth Module. Through a survey tool and conversations with their advisors, learners chose the best pathway based on skill level and interest. PRODUCT DESIGN AND INNOVATION MODULE: For the Product DesignContinue reading “Creating Innovators: Learning Pathways”