Week of Reflection: Cardboard, Prototyping, and Designing

We’ve had what @jbuck2017 calls “space envy” since the inception of Innovation Diploma. We are a group that wants to create – make – do – and see our designs come to life. This week we’ve been in a Design Sprint, and while our room may resemble a recycling plant, we are making some serious headway, and our space envy is turning into space redesign. Below is Abigail’s reflection of how this week went in her eyes. She includes some rich detail and provacative questions:

Abigail Emerson

As I am sitting here writing this blog post I am thinking about everything I have learned. This week has been the very first week of the Innovation Diploma Design Sprint! We are doing the design sprint for 2 weeks. So far, it has been great! We are doing a design sprint in order to figure out how exactly we would like the iD room to look. Part of our How Might We statement is: How might we redesign a room that fits the needs of the people using it and reflect who we are? Each of us have gotten weary of how the room looks, and we took it upon ourselves to redesign it. The first day, we were given teams and we started to figure out the dimensions and scale that we would use to create a cardboard prototype.

Cardboard is becoming more and more popular these days. One reason…

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