iD is not a class; It’s a Start-up (Reflective Practice Post)

This week, the Innovation Diploma Cohort is doing some reflective writing about how they are progressing as innovators.

It’s with that reflective spirit that I write the following post:

In iD, we’ve been working to build a culture of Team, and I’m not sure I’ve been doing the best job facilitating that. Setting norms is one thing, but living out those norms is another. We’re not consistently living out our norms yet. We’re not at a point where we care deeply about one another, our community, and our school – or at least we’re not communicating that with one another. We certainly have pockets of all those things, but as a whole, we aren’t moving fluidly in a direction together. Over the summer, I spent a great deal of time iterating on the structural framework of iD, and I consciously decided that building the team and the culture of iD was by far, the most important component of this Start-up. I don’t know if I’ve done the best job at communicating that idea with the iD team, and I think I need to be more explicit. I resolve to, over the next few weeks, communicate more explicitly through words and actions, that the culture we build in year one of this Start-up needs to outlive us all because it will be that foundation upon which the rest of the program is built. We are the creators, and it is our job to work together to make sure we live out our norms always. It’s up to each member of the Cohort to make sure we hold onto the Beginner’s Mindset, and realize that humility is necessary in this process, because roadblocks and barriers will set us back. We have to be ready for that to happen, and as a team, find the detours.


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