(i)Ventures Begin to take shape

Visible Thinking-iD reveals what bugs them

The iD cohort has been making some tremendous strides in their journey as innovators. They continue to maintain their crowdsourced blog that allows them to capture and tag things that make them curious or bug them. They’ve been using Design Thinking as a method of exploration and solution seeking on a variety of problems we’ve faced as a team and on larger problems, like our most recent one we were invited into at the CDC. Yesterday we tried to make sense of all of these ideas that are swimming around in our brains, so that we can begin to uncover threads of ideas that could be strung together to reveal that nagging question we want to explore. We started by reading Mary Cantwell’s “Find the Crack” blog post which allowed students to see that problems and curiosities don’t have to be on a large scale. They laughed as they realized they too struggle with “problems” like the silence of a public restroom and the stage fright that might ensue. Never having thought of this as a Design Challenge or a possible waypoint for exploration, we began to see that the idea in generating a list like this is to go for volume. We took to the windows with post-it notes and made our thinking visible by coloring the blank windows with pink, blue and green notes revealing what’s in our heads. We then moved into a gallery walk to spark new ideas, create connections, and continue our emphasis on our work as a team. Our next step is to pull one of those questions, curiosities or bugs and tell its story. What made me curious about this idea? Why do I care? What do I want to do about it? How should I start digging into that problem? What do I know? What do I need to know? This is an exercise we hope will continue throughout the next few weeks and even months, as we continue to explore, observe, and ask questions about the community around us. It was a powerful hour-long activity that helped all of us uncover what’s taking up mental space in our brains. I’m excited to see the various directions our students will take these ideas and make them come to life. 


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