I don’t really listen to music.

I prefer to indulge my almost three year old in the car with endless rounds of “Old MacDonald” rather than pick my own music, and I’m indifferent when it comes to choosing a song. It’s not that I don’t enjoy music; I do.  But my iTunes is empty.

Despite this indifference towards music, playlists have been on my mind lately. In a meeting with some of my most esteemed colleagues, we talked about New York’s School of One sets up a sophisticated algorithm to individualize daily learning plans for students learning math depending upon their previous day’s experience and performance. To create a playlist means you have choice and ownership over something. It means you are actively choosing which songs to listen to, and which songs you’d rather not hear. It means you can let your mood influence your music, or can let your music influence your mood. Ultimately choice is at its core.

So what would my playlist look like?

  1. Notice, observe, question
  2. Create for now
  3. Combine passion with purpose
  4. Ask “what if?”
  5. Create your own story

What’s your playlist?


2 thoughts on “Playlists

  1. Another response:

    Side A: Observe, Question, Experiment, Network, Associate

    Side B: Curiosity –> Control –> Caring … 21stC Cs

    Side C: Exploration, Discovery –> Search, Learn, Share, Repeat


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